The Association

Our Vision

Everyone in Finland skates, the best ones on top of the world.

Our Mission

In cooperation with its member clubs, the Finnish Figure Skating Association creates safe conditions for figure skating as a hobby and as a competitive sport.

Our mission is to make sport a lifelong hobby.


Figure skating is a versatile hobby

Skating is a basic skill for every Finn. Figure skating is a versatile hobby and every skater can rely on professional activities from the skating schools onward.

Figure skating is a meaningful sport

Figure skating is valued as a sport and it is one of the most watched winter sports worldwide. Finland is significant influencer on the development of figure skating at the international level.

Finnish skaters succeed at the international level

The Finnish Figure Skating Association’s systematic national team activities aim to ensure that Finnish skaters are seen in  ISU Championships. Finland is one of the most successful countries in synchronized skating, and several medals and ranking points have been achieved in figure skating.