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  1. General

The website is maintained by the Finnish Figure Skating Association (FFSA). By using the site, you agree to these Terms as they apply at any time. The terms and conditions apply to all your use of the site. FFSA reserves the right to change, add or remove all or part of the material from the site at any time. If you continue to use the site after the changes have been published on this page, you will then accept the changes.

  1. Intellectual Property

Any commercial exploitation of material originating from the Site without the express written consent of FFSA is prohibited. All content on the Site is protected by copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property laws. The material published on the Website, unless otherwise indicated, shall be respected to FFSA the trademark, copyright and other symbols displayed on the Website.

  1. User-generated content

User-created content refers to content that site visitors create or upload to a site, such as comments, photos, or public posts in blog posts. When you use such features on the Site, you directly create content for which you are responsible and for which you may be held liable as a user. FFSA has the right to remove all or part of user-generated content if it is partially or wholly contrary to applicable law or can otherwise be considered to cause damage to FFSA. In the event of such abuse, STLL also has the right to take the additional measures required to prevent abuse.

  1. Links to Other Websites

FFSA may provide links to websites belonging to third parties on its website. If you use these links, you will leave the FFSA website. FFSA is not responsible for such sites or the material contained therein

  1. Availability of website and limitation of liability

The Site may be temporarily unavailable, and FFSA reserves the right at any time and for any reason to suspend or change the availability of the services on the Site without notice to you. FFSA also reserves the right to block the use of the Website from registered users in some respects. FFSA does not provide any assurances regarding the operation or availability of the Site or the accuracy of the site’s content. FFSA shall not be liable for damages caused directly or indirectly by the use of the Site or its contents.

  1. Security

FFSA will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal data. Nevertheless, FFSA cannot guarantee the security of the information you provide when you are connected to the Internet.

  1. Viruses, data breaches and other attacks on information systems

Intentional misuse of the site by targeting them with malware, pest programs or other malicious or technologically damaging material is prohibited. Unauthorized intrusion or attempted intrusion into the Site, their location servers or other servers, computers, or information systems connected to the Site shall be prohibited. It is prohibited to target a denial of service attack or distributed denial of service attack on a site.

FFSA shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from distributed denial of service attacks, viruses, or other technologically harmful files that may infect your computer, computer programs or information systems as a result of the site, as a result of the use of the Site, or the download of files from websites connected to them. FFSA actively strives to prevent the above damage by taking care of the security and security of the site.

  1. Making changes to websites

FFSA reserves the right to make any changes to the Site, privacy policy, procedures or these Terms of Use at any time and for any reason. The user of the website is subject to the current terms of use. For this reason, you should regularly familiarize yourself with the up-to-date terms and conditions.

  1. Contact information

If you have any questions, comments or comments regarding the FFSA website, please contact us

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