HOIKA-member register

Hoika is a digital member register for the skaters, clubs and the association. Each skater creates their own profile in Hoika, where the skating passes can be bought. Hoika includes also a test-register for single skaters.

More information: Minna Fernelius
You can find Hoika here. Choose your club and sign in/up.


Taikkari is a application that have member clubs’ contact information, where clubs apply for competitions and clubs send entrys of skaters/teams/pairs for competitions. All events are applied to Taikkari from where they transfer to FFSA’s Events.

More information: Minna Fernelius.

Contact information for the officials

Contact information for judges and technical panel officials are found in iDecide-platform. The clubs have been given instructions on how to use this system and passwords for one user / club.

More information: Anne Fagerström.
You can find iDecide here.