Skating passes and passes for officials

Every person skating in an FFSA Member club must purchase a skating pass for each season.
The skaters purchase a pass suitable for their hobby- or competitive level. Coaches, judges and other officials purchase the pass for an official.

By purchasing the skating pass / pass for an official, a person commits to following the competitive and disciplinary rules as well as the Code of Ethics of the Finnish Figure Skating Association (FFSA).

Persons in the following roles must have a valid skating pass/pass for an official for each season:

  • Skaters in FFSA Member clubs
  • Coaches and skating school instructors
  • Officials (judges, members of the technical panel etc)
  • All persons being entered to FFSA competitions with the team/skater (NEW)
  • FFSA Instructors

More information on skating passes (in Finnish) can be found in For the skaters- section.
Your club will also help you with the passes, do not hesitate to ask!