Doping control

In Finland, the parties responsible for conducting doping tests on athletes are Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS, World Anti-Doping Agency WADA and in Figure Skating, ISU. Tests can be made in competitions, at camps, at practices or at athletes home.

Our anti-doping programme define’s our activities’ methods, responsible persons and target groups, including club officials, athletes and coaches. The anti-doping programmes of national sports organisations and sports institutes are a strong public statement for clean sports. The programmes motivate and support commitment to high-quality anti-doping activities. They define the methods and goals of effective anti-doping activities.

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Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sports (KAMU)

Every year the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA publishes and updates the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sports, on which the FINCIS List of Prohibited Substances and Methods in Sports is based. The list includes all prohibited substances and methods in sports. You can use the FINCIS KAMU medicine search to check whether a medicinal product sold in Finland contains any prohibited medicine.

KAMU medicine search

Rules and the Anti-doping programme of Finnish Figure Skating Association

The goal of Finnish Figure Skating Associations Anti-doping programme is to commit all athletes, coaches and club officials to promote clean sports.

Our Anti-doping programme (in Finnish)
Finland’s Anti-Doping Rules
World Anti-Doping Rules
ISU Clean Sport

Anti-doping education and training

The purpose of education is to ensure that all sports stakeholders have the required up-to-date information about anti-doping matters. Sports stakeholders are committed to fair play and promote clean sports actively. Athletes make conscious decisions to promote clean and fair sports and no anti-doping rule violations are made by accident. The goal is to introduce anti-doping activities to athletes through education.

Clean Win is an online training service that athletes, their support personnel as well as other sports stakeholders can use to learn about anti-doping and ensure that they have the latest information. The online training module is recommended to be completed in its entirety at least every two years.

Clean Win online training

FINCIS Materialbank

The materials provided by FINCIS can be downloaded from the material bank